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on 03/06/2006 to 01:25  

je m'appelle rayC, je suis chanteur de morte, l'ancien regime et bananas. J'habite N. Wollongong dans l'antipodes.
I also steal & rewrite other people's posts. It's better than relying solely on my jnr high school French lessons (& that was in the early 70's anyway).
Do you know of/like Little Bob Story? I have an LP & CD of his from WAY back - R&B avec savouir faire. I've noted that quite a few Australian bands have a profile in Fr. Radio Birdman, New Christs, Stems, You Am I etc. Nice!
Keep up the good work. The comments to a slightly US accent on Anglophilesque recordings is true BUT use whatever is YOUR voice.
Keep up the good work.
Kevin Deschwazi
on 02/06/2006 to 13:18  

Very nice stuff rexet, thanks for sharing.


Bath, UK
on 02/06/2006 to 12:24  

Cool tunes! Quality music being created here!
on 01/06/2006 to 16:57  

Hello Rexet,

Nice songs, the mixing is great. The accent doens't show much so keep up the good work. Now you have an english message to impress your friends. Thanks for the 20$.
on 17/05/2006 to 10:48  

je m'appelle kenzy, je suis chanteur de reggae - dancehall, j'habite Paris.

Je suis en recherche d'un endroit pour enregistrer mes morceaux.Je suppose que le reggae n'est pas ton domaine de prédilection, mais bon c la zik, donc sa na pa de frontière.

Je te remercie d'avance.


Bravo pour votre travail!!!
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