/!\ NEWS - June 27th, 2006

Thanks to this website I met some great musicians and today I'm happy to announce you that reXet has now set up a band called The Gostins.

I invite you to visit the official website of the band:


Previous songs are transfered to this new website but I'll keep this one to share tracks that will not be part of The Gostins' playlist.



Welcome on the web site I designed to share my music.

I have many demos recorded on old tapes and I finally decided to finish what I began. Indeed, I bought some equipment to set up a modest home studio at home. This allows me to record my songs in a more professional way. Today, I'm happy to present few songs I wrote (brit'pop style) on this web site.

I would like to thank all the people who helped me to record these demos and all the people who have always encouraged me in this way.

Do not hesitate to write a message on the Guestbook!


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