reXet - Waiting for an answer
music and lyrics by reXet


Sometimes I feel
There's something wrong
But people would be sure that everything's right

Another day
Still the same way
But all my dreams are slowly fading away

Fading away...

The time is gone
We're still alone
I try to find what have been changed in our lives

I try to find someone to talk with
But nobody seems to care, they prefer living with that

Living with that...

And one day I will leave the ground
I could say now I'm gone
And maybe I could finally understand

Or maybe I could join the hell
And the hell is to never know
And try to not believe all the lies that they say

And till the end
We'll never know
My time has come and I'm still waitin' for a sign

And maybe I'm still the same man
But I'm quite sure that people are missing something...
We are all missing something...

Search the answer, give a try
There's nothing to hope or wait for if you never try