This is my main equipment. This is not an exhaustive list:

LAG Jumbo | Acoustic Fine Arts | Original Collection
Electro-acoustic guitar

Gibson LesPaul Standard | 1994 | Red Wine
Electric guitar

Ibanez TK999 Tube King Overdrive
Tube overdrive effect

RME Fireface 800
Audio card

Roland A37
Master MIDI keyboard

KRK V4 serie 2
Monitoring speakers

Universal Audio 6176
Channel Strip including preamp and compressor

Condenser microphone

Studio Projects C1
Condenser microphone

Sennheiser e609
Microphone for miking guitar cabs

Sennheiser HD580
Opened headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro
Sealed headphones

SMPro Audio Nano Patch
Monitoring volume knob

*The songs available on this website have not been all recorded with the list above.
I frequently change my equipment. Here is the list of the previous units I used:

- Behringer B1 (sold in January 2004)
- RME HDSP Multiface (sold in February 2005)
- Mindprint Envoice (sold in August 2005)
- Fender Cyber Deluxe (sold in August 2007)
- Edirol UM-550 (sold in August 2007)
- Yamaha MOTIF-RACK ES (sold in August 2007)
- Mackie Big Knob (sold in August 2007)

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